enjoy your meal

In Spain, food is serious business, an important reason for us to move here: we too are fans of the Mediterranean cuisine. Whether you start in Can Portell, with our rich, varied and healthy breakfast, enjoy your lunch at a xiringuito by the sea – or the best restaurant of the world in Girona – and then end the day with us, with a lovely four course dinner: you will always enjoy your meal in Spain.

At home

In fact, the way we initially described ourselves, as a “Bed and Breakfast”, no longer fits the bill, because by now we provide a range of tasty moments, from early morning till dinnertime, depending on group composition and wishes.


Talking about food, one of the great things about this unbelievably beautiful area is that it is not really touristy yet at the same time there is a wealth of restaurants and other eateries, from affordable to expensive to exclusive.

For groups

Having spent your day with a group, nothing is lovelier than being surprised by our delicious Mediterranean cuisine.

Foto's: Conny Meslier, Inez del Prado, Arxiu d'Imatges PTCBG | Artwork: Sylvan Steenbrink