The endless beaches of the Costa Brava

From the airplane, you can already see the mountains stretching out into the Mediterranean Sea. No other Spanish coastline is so attractive and varied as the Costa Brava. The beautiful coastal path will take you along all the best spots.

Dalì’s triangle

When you say ‘Dalí’, you say ‘Spain’. But he was in fact Catalan, from nearby Figueres, and lived in a fantastic house in Cadaques. His development cannot be separated from the landscape he returned to all his life, because it was the source of his talent.


Girona is the old, chic town on the Onyar river. A city that oozes history and where you can roam around the alleys and steps until you sit yourself down on one of the many terraces in an intimate square or just somewhere in some forgotten corner.


Barcelona is a happy mix of the metropolitanism of New York, the intimacy of Amsterdam and the beach life of Cannes. There is literally something for everyone.


Driving to Besalú means traveling back in time. The town’s setting on the river is picturesque and when you are done roaming, you will sit down on a tree bench at the verdant river front.


Banyoles has traditionally been a spa town at the edge of the mountains. The water offers a lot of options, and you can walk off into nature in order to then rest at the shore.

The Garrotxa

Anyone who has ever fantasized about walking for days, undisturbed, through a landscape with a surprise around every corner, says La Garrotxa.

Foto's: Conny Meslier, Inez del Prado, Arxiu d'Imatges PTCBG | Artwork: Sylvan Steenbrink